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Ians' Pale Ale

Juicy, bursting with aroma, crisp & refreshing with liberal use of Simcoe.
5.7% ABV; 55 IBU


Well-balanced black lager with slightly toasted malt sweetness and easy-going hop character of Magnum, Saphir, Tettnanger and Sterling hops.
5.9% ABV; 24 IBU.


Typically phenolic in aroma with hints of clove. Actual salt water from Brave Boat Harbor and Meyer Lemons were used in brewing this ancient Hefeweizen style beer. Coriander and a light hopping rate make for a super drinkable, tart, briney wheat beer.
5.5% ABV; 12 IBU.

Wee Heavy

This well balanced amber ale is a direct descendent of Barleywines and Old Ale from the U.K. The malt profile incorporates a touch of smoked malt to add a slight complexity to this malt forward strong ale.
8.3% ABV; 30 IBU.

Belgian Tripel

Strong golden Belgian style ale, full mouth feel followed by residual sweetness with fruity apricot.
8.5% ABV.


Big hop flavor and aromatics from lush Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo help make this a well balanced IPA. Malt backbone rounds out this medium bodied, crisp hop forward ale.
6.7% ABV; 58 IBU.

Mocha Milk Stout

Considered a "sweet" stout our milk stout has some lactose sugar added to the kettle to soften the roasted malt. Rich, black & roasty with vanilla bean, cacoa nibs, and cold infused coffee. 
5.9% ABV; 26 IBU.

Pale Ale

A light, refreshing, and crisp ale. Brewed with Nugget, Warrior, & Centennial hops. Dry-hopped with Citra, Warrior, & CTZ hops (Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus).
5.2% ABV; 26 IBU.


An English Extra Special Bitter that's not bitter! Beautiful crystal malt with a kiss of English and Slovakian hops: Styrian Celeia, Bravo, Fuggle & Magnum.
6.3% ABV.

Baltic Porter

This dark brown ale has rich medium body with a "roasty" chocolate aromatic character. Underlying dried fruit flavors alongside a sweet tobacco finish this Baltic style Porter.
6.8% ABV.

Winter Saison

A farmhouse style golden colored ale brewed with special Belgian yeasts. The phenolic character of these yeasts brings out a peppery content along with some fruit components to balance the medium body. A big gnarly sippin' ale.
9.9% ABV; 28 IBU.

Imperial IPA

This imperial IPA has a huge hop forward flavor followed by a malt backbone with no real bitterness. Centennial, Azacca, Simcoe and Citra round out the hop profile making a pine-y, pineapple and citrus hop bomb! Big ABV @ 9.1% is easy to sneak up on you... but be careful!
9.1% ABV; 65 IBU.

Pumpkin Ale

Brewed with 200 #s of Organic Dickenson pumpkins and delicately spiced with fresh ginger, cinnamon stick, and allspice.
5.2% ABV.


This is the German expression of Lite Beer without dilution. Light, delicate, crisp with a subtle, noble hop aroma.
4.5% ABV

Blueberry Ale

This Pale Ale based "fruit" beer is brewed with 210 lbs. of IQF wild blueberries and 42 lbs. aseptic blueberry puree. The result is a light pink hue derived from the skins of the fruit, and a light blueberry flavor. No artificial anything in this fine ale.
5.7% ABV; 15 IBU

American Mild

 Light bodied golden 'mild' ale with a medium yet assertive hop character. Some call this a session IPA. We call it LITE & CRUSHABLE!
3.9% ABV; 22 IBU.

Helles Lager

A malt forward golden lager with distinctive hop aroma. The use of German Pilsner malt along with German noble hops give this beer its delicate aroma and flavor.
4.5% ABV; 17 IBU


A Trappist inspired golden amber ale. Fruity aromatics with a strong phenolic character. Complex sweetness followed by a dry finish.
8.3% ABV

Spring Weizen

A full-bodied, light amber Hefeweizen incorporating maple syrup for an intricate and complex phenolic ale. The typical clove and banana aromatics are quite reduced as the beer has had time to mature and mellow. Bold and delicious.
8.5% ABV; 26 IBU

Witt 2

Based on a Belgian style wit bier, we've "beefed up" this version for the cold weather. This is a strong, hazy golden wheat beer brewed with sweet and bittery orange peel as well as coriander. It derives much of its spicy/fruity character from the yeast employed.
7.9% ABV; 27 IBU.


This full bodied IPA derives its spicy flavors from 45% malted rye in the grist profile. The hops used were an experimental dwarf varietal #484, Simcoe and some Mosaic. The 484 adds fruity and cedar character while the Simcoe adds an earthy/piney character, and the Mosaic adds more earthy & fruity floral aromatics.
7.1% ABV; 54 IBU.


A malt forward IPA with Chinook, Cluster and Cascade hops and dry-hopped with Australian hop, Ella, giving it a tropical fruit aroma that balances the malt.
6% ABV.

Olde Ale

 Malt forward with caramel, toffee sweetness followed by delicate hops. This beer was brewed with Chevalier malt, an heirloom barley varietal recently developed by Crisp Malting Group of which 4 metric tons were distributed to only four breweries in the U.S. Deep chestnut color with a garnet hue.
8.5% ABV.

Solstice Saison

Big, strong Belgian style blond ale. Slight fruit phenols with touch of clove and black pepper. Nice dry finish!
8.2% ABV.


Amber wheat beer with a touch of smoked malt that adds a little sweetness to the medium bodied phenolic ale.
5.2% ABV; 26 IBU

California Common

Fruity aromatics followed by a well balanced malt profile with a dynamic hop presence. This light amber lager was brewed in the tradition of San Francisco style "Steam" beer.
5.6% ABV; 32 IBU

Double IPA

Full malt, hop forward balance. Mosaic, Simcoe, Centennial dry hop for a dank, citrus, resinous character.
7.9% ABV; 64 IBU.

Black IPA

A pronounced chocolate flavor plays an assertive role in this obsidian colored IPA. Mosaic, Ella, and Simcoe fill in the middle flavor while Columbus and Magnum play a heavy hand in the bitter compounds of this dark ale.
6.4% ABV; 62 IBU.


A rich, full-mouth feel black ale with a roasty, dry finish.
6.2% ABV

Dry Stout

Rich, roasty and medium bodied with a nice dry finish. Black as night.
5.5% ABV.

Oyster Stout

Big roasty sweet stout with the addition of both flaked (quick cooking oats) and malted oats for a soft mouth feel. In addition, 15 pounds of local New Hampshire Great Bay oysters were added to the boil which imparts a beautiful mineral character.
6.1% ABV.

Russian Imperial Stout

Mott the Lesser - Russian Imperial Stout: rich, full-bodied, aged partially in an Apple Brandy, Port, Islay Whisky and a Vt distilled gin barrels blended for a pronounced oak character and botanical nuance.
10.5% ABV

Belgian Stout

Roasty aromatics along with a mild plum fruitiness is followed by a rich malt-chocolate flavor, and a medium body. Long finish with a pleasant sweetness.
5.5% ABV; 26 IBU.

Coffee Milk Stout

Same vehicle as The milk stout with an infusion of cold extract coffee. Think of the perfect breakfast beer, add a scoop of ice cream and you have the perfect dessert beer!
5.7% ABV.

Wit bier

This is one of the most refreshing of the Belgian style wheat beer. Brewed with 45% malted wheat and some raw wheat, the color is quite "white" as the name Wit implies. The addition of fruit, both sweet and bitter orange peel, and spices, coriander and pepper, enhance the flavor profile. Crisp and dry this is a truly summer style ale.
4.8% ABV.


German style wheat beer, with clove and banana esters derived from the authentic yeast strain. Crisp light and refreshing a true thirst quencher.
5.8% ABV; 26 IBU.


Wheat IPA


A hoppy, hazy wheat forward IPA, brewed and dry-hopped with Warrior and Cascade hops.
6.5% ABV; 50 IBU.


A rich, malt forward amber lager with a clean delicate finish. Brewed in the traditional Marzen style and cold lagered for six weeks.
6.5% ABV; 24 IBU

Maine Loggah

A slightly sweet, malt forward golden lager akin to a Helles. Brewed with Saphir and Saaz hops with a noble character.
5.9% ABV.

Biere de Miel

A honey saison, light Amber farmhouse ale made with 70# of wildflower honey. A phenolic Belgian yeast strain fermented at a warmer temp make for a fruity yet spicy dry beer.
8.5% ABV; 29 IBU.

Biere de Garde

Medium bodied farmhouse ale.  Upfront malt flavor with a subdued hop character. Hops: Styrian Goldings & Warrior for bittering.  
6.9% ABV.

Grand Cru

A dark golden colored ale influenced by strong Belgian blonde ales. Malt complexity gives way to yeast supported fruit balance with notes of herbs and spices. Delicate yet assertive.
8.3% ABV; 28 IBU.

Spring Saison

A light golden, hazy ale with a fruity aroma with some clove-like phenols. This Spring Saison has a touch of sweetness to round out the light-medium body with a peppery finish. Pale malt, Belgian yeast, Belgian candy syrup, Perle & Styrian Golding hops. Warm fermentation.
7.3% ABV; 28 IBU.

Hop Harvest

A wet-hop beer indigenous to Maine brewed with beautiful, fresh Cascade hops from the HopYard in Gorham and malt from Blue Ox Malt House from Lisbon Falls. Our brewer, Ian, was there to harvest the hops at 7 AM, and they went into the brew at 10 am.
6.1% ABV.